Jul 31, 2008

Location Shoot: Rae & Jason's Engagement

It was a pleasure to work with Rae and Jason during their photo shoot to announce their engagement and I look forward to taking their wedding celebration photos. I shot this at the Mount Airy Visitor's Center because I love their flower garden and gazebo area. You can tell from the images below that the couple is completely smitten with each other.

Jul 5, 2008

Location Shoot: Rock House Shoot

This is one of my favorite shoots. I love the Rock House location, because of the detail, it's rustic feel, and the color it gives off in the colored images. April is one of my favorite models, and it doesn't hurt that the camera absolutely loves her.

I love this one because it symbolizes her faith

This has to be one of my favorite shots of all time.

Jul 1, 2008

Location Shoot: David & Cindy George

I have to admit I was anxious and excited when David & Cindy George, and let's not forget big brother Kyser, invited me into their home to help celebrate the birth of their beautiful new baby girl, Myla. I took these shots at their beautiful log cabin in Westfield, NC. Myla, as tiny as she was already had a mind of her own, and Kyser wanted to make sure that he got in his close ups between play dates.